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21st Birthday card

21st Birthday card


A square white card has a sheet of silver hologram paper mounted in a square aperture. The number 21 is outlined in white dimensional fabric paint, sprinkled with glitter. A line of glitter glue surrounds the aperture. Silver peel-off stars complete the design.
The colour of the hologram paper varies depending how the light catches it. The above scan has caught it in a dark aspect.

Materials used

  • A double fold white greetings card 144mm x 144mm (5½ in x 5½ in) with a square aperture.
  • Silver hologram paper.
  • White fabric paint.
  • Crystal ultra-fine glitter.
  • Glitter glue.
  • Peel-off sticker No.24 "Stars".
  • Double-sided tape


Cut a square of hologram paper slightly larger than the aperture. The hologram paper has an adhesive backing protected by a peel-off sheet. Remove the backing sheet and stick the hologram paper to the inside of the card flap that will close on the aperture.

Close the flap and fix in place with double-sided tape.

The next step is to pipe on the number 21 with dimensional fabric paint. This comes with a fine piping nozzle and the technique is similar to writing in icing on a cake. Draw the number in pencil as a guide. You could prepare the number on tracing paper and then transfer it to the hologram paper.

It is best to do some test piping on a piece of scrap paper to make sure the paint is flowing freely. Squeeze the paint tube with a gentle, even pressure and try to move it at a constant speed.

When the number is complete sprinkle with Crystal ultra-fine glitter while the paint is still wet.

Add peel-off stars. The stars that appear coloured (blue, orange, etc.) in the above picture are part of the hologram paper. The larger silver stars are the peel-offs.

Draw a border around the aperture with glitter glue.

21st Birthday card made by Rachel Snook.

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