How to combine PinBroidery number patterns

Pinbroidery numbers 2 and 1 combined.

The individual PinBroidery number patterns 0 to 9, can be combined to make any number.

Each number is centralised on the pricking pattern. When two pricking patterns are combined the number will look more attractive if each pattern is moved toward the middle.

Trim the left-hand edge.

To create a pricking pattern for the number 21 print out numbers 2 and 1.

Trim the left-hand edge from number 1.

Overlap the patterns.

Overlap the two patterns using the box outlines as a guide to getting them level. When you are happy with the spacing join the two patterns together with clear self-adhesive tape.

You pattern is now ready to place over your blank greetings card to prick out the pattern. Centralise the number on your card before proceeding.