Copyright Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share the patterns with my friends?

No, you are not legally allowed to share patterns with others. The patterns are supplied as a licence for the sole use of the person for whom they were purchased. The license does not allow the patterns to be re-sold, swapped, or shared.

Can I purchase patterns on behalf of someone who doesn’t have Internet access?

If you fill in the checkout details with the name and address of the person who is going to use the patterns, rather than yours, as long as you do this with their agreement, and they agree to the terms of use, then you can make the purchase on their behalf.

I don’t have a printer, can I ask someone else to print the patterns for me?

Someone else can print them for you as long as the patterns are only used by you. Your order can be accessed on the Internet from any computer. Just use your email address or username plus your password to log in to your account. Or copy the PDF files to a USB memory stick for transporting.

Can I copy the patterns to teach others card stitching?

Our free patterns may be copied for teaching use. The patterns we offer for sale may NOT be copied for teaching use, they are for the sole use of the person for whom they were purchased.

Can I sell cards made from the patterns?

Cards made from the patterns can be offered for sale as long as they include a copyright notice with the words “Design copyright Form-A-Lines”. This can be on the back of the card. Copyright notice stickers can be downloaded free from copyright stickers.