Form-A-Lines versus Pinbroidery

What is the difference between Form-A-Lines and Pinbroidery?

Form-A-Lines and Pinbroidary were originally sold on two different websites. In 2018 the two brands were combined on the Form-A-Lines website. The stitching technique for both brands is identical.

Form-A-Lines patterns are designed to fit on a 104 x 152 mm (4.5 x 6 inches) card. They will also fit on A6 cards. Pinbroidery patterns are of various sizes including square designs. See the individual Pinbroidery product descriptions for size information.

Some history


In 1997 Form-A-Lines stitching kits were developed by the craft shop Card Inspirations. The Form-A-Lines collection has grown over the years and there are now hundreds of designs to choose from. Originally, Form-A-Lines patterns were designed in a single colour. The reason for this is that they were sold as a kit with thread and blank cards. Having a single colour meant only one reel of thread was required, so keeping the cost of the kit down. Of course, the card maker could always choose to stitch the patterns in as many different colours as they liked. Form-A-Lines kit sales were discontinued in 2015 when the Card Inspirations craft shop closed. Since then they have only been available by download. That meant there was no longer a need to design the patterns in a single colour so multi-colour designs were introduced.


The Pinbroidery website was launched in 2009 to sell patterns just as downloads. This meant there was no restriction on the number of thread colours as they weren’t sold as a kit. The first Pinbroidery patterns were designed to fit on square cards. They are larger than Form-A-Lines so have more space for detail and usually take longer to stitch. As time went on some of the patterns were adapted to fit on rectangular cards. In 2018 the Pinbroidery designs were moved to the Form-A-Lines website.

Stitching Cards

A business called Stitching Cards was launched in 2004 to provide stitching patterns delivered by download to your computer. In those days Form-A-Lines patterns were only available as printed booklets. Stitching Cards is totally separate so customers can’t use their Form-A-Lines account at Stitching Cards.

Prick And Stitch Is My Craft

This is a blog that gives news about both Form-A-Lines and Stitching Cards designs. It can be found at .