Form-A-Lines Copyright Notice Stickers

Copyright labels to download and print

Cards made from a Form-A-Lines pattern you have purchased from the Form-A-Lines website may be offered for sale if you include a copyright statement with the words “Design copyright Form-A-Lines”.

The copyright statement would normally be added on the back of the card. These downloadable stickers provide a neat and easy way to add the information.

These copyright stickers are free to download.
Print them on Avery labels or plain paper.
These copyright stickers are in PDF format.

They have a form field to type your name in.

Type your name in the blue form field below “Hand stitched by” on the first stitcker, and it should be automatically copied to the other stickers on the sheet. See the note further down the page for more info*

To save the sticker download for later, right-click the download link and select “Save” from the menu that appears. On a tablet hold your finger on the link to get the save option.

Download Avery L7160 21 labels on A4 page (210 by 297mm)

Download Avery L7160 42 labels on A4 page (210 by 297mm)

Download Avery L7159 24 labels on A4 page (210 by 297mm)

Download Avery 5160 30 labels on letter (8½ by 11 inches)

Download Avery 5161 40 labels on letter (8½ by 11 inches)

* Please note: for the form field to work correctly Adobe Reader software is required. For example, the PDF readers supplied with some web browsers do not give the correct font or the form field may not appear. The solution is to install the free Reader from Adobe.

PDF reader software is required to view and print the patterns. Many devices come with PDF reader software already installed. If PDF reader software is configured with your web browser, the pattern will open automatically in a new window.
Get a free PDF Reader from the Adobe website.

To save the pattern to your computer choose “Save…” from the file menu of your PDF reader. Make a note of where the pattern is being saved to so that you can find it later. Click here for download help.