Converting single-colour patterns to multicolour

Form-A-Lines patterns used to be designed to be stitched with one colour of thread. This was because they were sold as part of a kit, and since a reel of thread was the most costly component, having only one colour helped to keep the price down.

The single-colour silhouette style image makes an attractive card. It looks good in gold or silver on dark green, blue or red coloured card. The multicolour confetti thread works well on white card.

The Form-A-Lines patterns that were designed after 2017, when kit sales ended, have threads in several colours. All the Pinbroidery patterns were designed with threads in several colours from the start.

The single-colour designs can also be stitched with threads of your choice in several colours. For example, on flower patterns the leaves could be green and the blooms could be either pink, purple, blue, gold, or red depending on the type of flower.

Below is an example of how the single-colour wildflower patterns can be converted to multicolour.

Stitched with a single-colour thread.
Stitched with threads in several colours.