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We moved to new software in January 2021 and old accounts were not transferred. If you haven’t logged in since then check out as a new customer and a new account will be created following payment.
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If letters or numbers automatically appear in the username/email address box this means your web browser is set to auto-fill the entries. The letters/numbers do not come from us, they come from previous entries you have made in similar boxes and are stored by your web browser.

If your computer is inserting your username or email address automatically when you go to log in then delete it and type it in manually. This should ensure the username or email address is entered accurately.

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You may have given your email address with an error in it. We know this happens because occasionally order confirmations get bounced back to our mail server as undeliverable due to a non-existent email address. Your Internet service provider will be able to tell you your correct email address.

If you received an email from us when you placed your first order, or subsequently, you can eliminate this possibility.

If you suspect a typo in your email address please contact us at [email protected]. Include your full name and post/zip code so that we can trace your account.

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