Old Shop Accounts

We moved to new software in January 2021 and old accounts were not transferred. Your first purchase here will create a new account.

Why we moved

We moved because the old shop software was no longer being updated by the company that licenced it to us and it needed a legacy PHP operating system to function. After the current shop was launched the old shop accounts remained available to customers for 12 months to give them the opportunity to download their patterns. After 12 months we removed the old shop software from the Internet. Access is no longer possible.

Products purchased from the old shop

The product price covers a 12-month download period, a licence to print the pattern instructions for the personal use of the purchaser, website overheads, and order processing. After 12 months the safekeeping of the pattern file becomes the responsibility of the purchaser. The purchaser can continue with the personal use of the pattern instructions for as long as they have a file to print from.

Not sure when you last shopped with us?

If you are not sure when you last shopped with us try logging in. If your email address or username is not found you will get an error message informing you it is an unknown email address or username. If that happens then you don’t have an account in this shop. When you check out proceed to “Billing details” and then “Payment”. A new account will be created when payment is complete.

If you get an error message saying “The password you entered for the email address or username is incorrect” that means you have made a purchase since Jan 2021 but entered the wrong password. In that case, try again or go to our password help page.